The school has a spacious library with good collection of various types of books and reference books for all age group of students for the benefit of both the students and teachers. In addition to this all the leading Newspapers, Journals and Periodicals are available to keep the students well informed.

Library Facility


We have separate labotories of Physics , Chemistry , Biology, Mathematics , Science and Computer (One for Junior and One for Senior ). The science laboratories are well equipped with required apparatus and educational aids to give practical knowledge to the students.


Computer Lab

Computers play a significant role in present world and our students are exposed to computer literacy from KG II onwards . We have two computer laboratories, one meant for Juniors and the other meant for Seniors.

Computer Lab

Indoor/ Outdoor Sports Facilities

The school has a good Sports Education Programme which incorporates fun and build children’s atheletic skills by exposing them to gamut of sports.

Bus Facilities

All bus is designed for safety and comfort of children. The buses carry a highly trained driver, conductor and a guard supported by radio paging, mobile phones and global positioning. Additionally a female teacher and a nanny accompany the children on all junior bus routes.

Bus Facility

 Audio Visual Room

Innovative Teaching Room

Learning through multi media

Our school’s teaching philosophy goes beyond classroom’s education and we ensure that we supplement the theoretical instructions with audio visual aids.


 Smart Classes

Walk with advance technology

Smart Kids in Smart class

Probably the best way of teaching . The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, seeing something with your eyes.

Kids Safari Park