Morning Assembly

The day at the school starts with morning assembly to concentrate all our positive energy to be successful in our endeavours through out the day.

The prayer starts with Saraswati Vandana , followed by Bhajan, National song (Vandematarm ) and Patriotic song.

Each  day of the week  has a specific Bhajan and patriotic song to be sung in the assembly. Every fortnight a new Bhajan and a patriotic song is taught by the music teacher accompanied by the musical instruments . Every week one of the house takes the responsibility of conducting the assembly in a proper way.
Every day a student is allotted to read the thought of the day and explain its meaning either in English or in Hindi or in Sanskrit . Weekly news is read on every Saturday to update the students about school, city, National and international happenings.
Every day the Principal attends the assembly to brief the students about the school activities makes important announcements and gives motivational speeches to inculcate discipline and values among the students.

All the important celebrations are highlighted by the students and the teachers to acquaint each student with the importance of the particular day’s celebration.

Often the eminent speakers from the city as well as outside the city addresses the students about various things like looking after their health and hygiene , to get involved in social work, to take care of the environment and disabled people etc. Exemplary people from all walks of life try to share their experiences and show the students to choose a positive path in their life to remain useful to the society.

The achievers of any field are appreciated in the assembly in front of all the students to recognise  their work and motivate the other students to try to achieve something in their field of interest.
The assembly is concluded by singing National anthem . It is mandatory for all the teachers to attend the morning assembly.