Co- Scholastic Activities

For the overall development of a child co-scholastic activities are integral part of learning. The students of each class is divided into four houses and various inter house activities are
scheduled on the onset of the new session.

Nursery to I Sub Junior group
II to V Junior group
VI to XII Senior group

Each house in each group has five teachers to guide and plan various events and select the participants for various competitions . For the smooth running of the school as well as to conduct all the activities property .
The students are given responsibility to shoulder them. Student counsel is formed on the basis of evaluating their previous performances, their behaviour and capabilities in specific fields.

The students are encouraged to participate in inter school activities in creative, Literary, cultural and sports to boost their confidence, to gather experience and develop team spirit to face the future challenges.

Sports Activity 
Sports activities are conducted regularly under the able guidance of a sports teacher. Outdoor as well as indoor games are provided. Every year few of our students have been selected to represent volley ball and soft ball tournaments at state and National level.