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“His not knowing makes every child experiences something which is available only to the greated sages of the world.”

The Bal Vinay Mandir emblem is a rose encircled with the words, Satyam Shivam Sundaram.
These chosen words and the rose signify the essence of education that this school wishes to instill in its students.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram – Truth is Divine , Divine is Beautiful

It’s simplest meaning , the Sanskrit word Satyam means truth . But we believe it also means , good virtues, good values. It is not just someone’s idea of the truth, but the absolute reality. When our students come here to seek knowledge they do so with an open mind. It is therefore our responsibility to fill this mind with virtuous , intrinsic qualities that would help them follow the righteous path in the future.

Shivam might mean divine, but in this context , it also means living the truth and thereby becoming a nobler person . Every person is a reflection of his or her teaching. Our actions are always based on what we have learnt in the past. Therefore , when we ensure that we provide quality education to our students, we also ensure that the person they become in the future is of sound character and is pure at heart, body and soul.

Sundaram means beauty. Throughout history, be it noted scholars , eminent poets, scientists, sportsmen , artist , doctors or leaders, the people who have followed a life based on their firm, morally correct knowledge, have been regarded as the gems of their field . We too strive to create these beautiful gems.

Finally , the mystic trinity of Satyam , Sivam, Sundaram, encircles a rose. It signifies how the values and teaching of school life, can be inculcated in the real world.

The rose is a flower famed for its beauty. And yet, the rose blooms in what is actually a thorn bush. We believe that the achievements of life too are like this rose. Beautiful , when you finally hold it in your hands, but to earn the success, to be recognized for the beauty of your mind or actions , you must first conquer the thorn like challenges that life throws at you.

In every child we see the capacity to become this rose and to lead them to be one , we choose the path of Satyam Shivam Sundaram.